Here is a selected list of recent publications:

  • Abhay Goyal, Katerina Ioannidou, Christopher Tiede, Pierre Levitz, Roland J.-M. Pellenq and Emanuela Del Gado, Heterogeneous Surface Growth and Gelation of Cement HydratesJ. Phys. Chem. C 124, 15500 (2020)
  • Vishwas V. Vasisht, Gabrielle Roberts and Emanuela Del Gado, Emergence and persistence of flow inhomogeneities in the yielding and fluidization of dense soft solids, Phys. Rev. E 102, 010604(R) (2020)
  • Shang Zhang, Leyou Zhang, Mehdi Bouzid, D. Zeb Rocklin, Emanuela Del Gado and Xiaoming Mao, Correlated rigidity percolation and colloidal gels, Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 058001 (2019)
  • M. Bouzid, B. Keshavarz, M Geri, T Divoux, E Del Gado and G McKinley, Computing the linear viscoelastic properties of soft gels using an optimally windowed chirp protocol, Journal of Rheology 62, 1037 (2018).
  • M Bouzid and E Del Gado, Network topology in soft gels: hardening and softening materials, Langmuir 34, 773 (2018).
  • Feng D, Notbohm J, Benjamin A, He S, Wang M, Ang LH, Bantawa M, Bouzid M, Del Gado E, Krishnan R, Pollak MR, Disease-causing mutation in alpha-actinin-4 promotes podocyte detachment through maladaptation to periodic stretch. PNAS 115, 1517 (2018).
  • J. Colombo and E. Del Gado, Stress localization, stiffening and yielding in a model colloidal gel, Journal of Rheology 58, 1089 (2014).
  • VV Vasisht, SK Dutta, E Del Gado, DL Blair, Rate Dependence of Elementary Rearrangements and Spatiotemporal Correlations in the 3D Flow of Soft Solids, Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 018001 (2018).
  • C. Hardin, J. Chattoraj, G. Manomohan, J. Colombo, T. Nguyen, D. Tambe, J.J. Fredberg, K. Birukov, J.P. Butler, E. Del Gado, R. Krishnan, Long-range stress transmission guides endothelial gap formation, Biochem Biophy Res Commun 495, 749 (2018).
  • Xie T, Chattoraj J, Mulcahey PJ, Kelleher NP, Del Gado E, Hahm JI, Revealing the principal attributes of protein adsorption on block copolymer surfaces with direct experimental evidence at the single protein level, Nanoscale 10, 9063 (2018).
  • M. Bouzid, J. Colombo, L. Vieira Barbosa, E. Del Gado, Elastically driven intermittent microscopic dynamics in soft solids, Nature Comm 8, 15846 (2017).
  • K. Ioannidou, K. J. Krakowiak, M. Bauchy, C. G. Hoover, E. Masoero, S. Yip, F.-J. Ulm, P. Levitz, R. J. M. Pellenq, and E. Del Gado, Mesoscale texture of cement hydrates, PNAS 113, 2029 (2016).
  • K. Ioannidou, M. Kanduc, L. Li, D. Frenkel, J. Dobnikar, and E. Del Gado, The crucial effect of early-stage gelation on the mechanical properties of cement hydrates, Nature Comm. 7, 12106 (2016).
  • M. Mosayebi, P. Ilg, A. Widmer-Cooper, and E. Del Gado, Soft Modes and Nonaffine Rearrangements in the Inherent Structures of Supercooled Liquids, Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 105503 (2014)
  • J. Colombo and E. Del Gado, Stress localization, stiffening, and yielding in a model colloidal gel, Journal of Rheology 58, 1089 (2014)
  • K. Ioannidou, R. J. M. Pellenq, and E. Del Gado, Controlling local packing and growth in calcium-silicate- hydrate gelsSoft Matter 10, 1121 (2014)
  • K. Schwenke, L. Isa, and E. Del Gado, Assembly of Nanoparticles at Liquid Interfaces: Crowding and Ordering, Langmuir 30, 3069 (2014).
  • K. Schwenke, L. Isa, D. L. Cheung, and E. Del Gado, Conformations and Effective Interactions of Polymer-Coated Nanoparticles at Liquid Interfaces, Langmuir 30, 12578 (2014).
  • J. Colombo, A. Widmer-Cooper, and E. Del Gado, Microscopic Picture of Cooperative Processes in Restructuring Gel Networks, Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 198301 (2013)

For a complete list of publications:


  • A. Goyal, I. Palaia, K. Ioannidou, F.-J. Ulm, H. van Damme, R.J.-M. Pellenq, E. Trizac and E. Del Gado, The physics of cement cohesion, preprint 2021.
  • K. Googins, M. Bantawa, E. Del Gado and D. Blair, Separating network response from single fiber mechanics in the Non-linear Regime of Type-I Collagen Networks, preprint 2021.
  • F. Dragulet, A. Goyal, K. Ioannidou, R.J.-M. Pellenq and E. Del Gado, Ion specific nanoscale cohesion, preprint 2021.