Rheology discussions published in JOR

Rheology discussions, November 2020

Read about the Rheology Discussions, just published by the Journal of Rheology as a complement to the special issue on the physics of dense suspensions.

The discussions took place during the virtual symposium entitled “Physics of Dense Suspensions” (PDS) held on July 9–10, 2020, in response to the broad interest raised by the special issue. Emanuela co-organized the virtual symposium with Safa Jamali and Jeff Morris, and the event attracted more than 500 registered participants from around the world, providing a platform for presentations by authors, followed by question-and-answer periods. Find out more about the virtual symposium here.

The set of questions and answers published in the Rheology Discussions were formulated by the symposium participants and summarizes the discussions at the meeting.  They focus on 22 papers from the Journal of Rheology special issue, along with a number of other papers published in other journals on the most recent developments in the study of suspensions, from theoretical, computational, and experimental perspectives.