2021 APS March Meeting

APS 2021 march meeting online

Get updates about our research at the 2021 APS March Meeting.

At the meeting, Abhay Goyal will talk about the ion-specificity of nanoscale forces in ionic solutions confined between charged surfaces, that he elucidated through numerical simulations with explicit water. He will discuss the implications for materials like cement and clays. Minaspi Bantawa will give a talk in the session on gel rheology about his work on the linear viscoelasticity of soft particulate gels. He will discuss how we could identify a fractal characteristics in the viscoelastic spectrum of model colloidal gels and trace it back to the rigid backbone of the incipient gel in the beginning of the gelation process. He will also discuss microscopic timescales and their connection to the constitutive behavior of the gel.

Emanuela’s talk will be about the nanoscale physical origin of cement cohesion and how that enters the understanding of growth and morphology of cement hydrate gels, in an interdisciplinary session that is devoted to biomineralization phenomena and complex material solidification from soft precursors.

Here is a list of talks from DelGadoLab members and collaborators.

  • Abhay Goyal, Dynamics of water and ions confined between charged surfaces,Monday 10:24 CST, Session A26
  • Mehdi Bouzid, Interplay between structure and mechanical performances of multi-component colloidal gels, Friday 10:12 CST, Session X07
  • Minaspi Bantawa, Linear viscoelastic spectra of soft particulate gels: master curve and physical origin of the fractal constitutive behavior, Friday 10:24 CST, Session X07
  • Emanuela Del Gado, The physics of cement cohesion: from soft colloidal gels to hardened cement hydrates, Friday 9:12 CST, Session X09